Monte Cristo mansion Junee NSW Australia Monte Cristo mansion Junee NSW Australia original of me outside Monte Cristo The owners actually live here but ppl are welcome to go through the house ( not because it is haunted but bc it is historical and has rare antique furniture) As i was waiting for the door to be answered ( I was waiting a while) I got my partner to take a photo of me. when I was looking at this photo after it was devaloped i noticed a dark black shadow that didnt make sense on the left side of me along side the door. so I got it up on my PC and zoomed in..... 160084078 zoomed in It is a face! It sent shivers down my spine! see.... above my shoulder in the window!! I rang the door bell 3x, it is like he is looking out to see who is there! and it gets better. I recognised the face! I purchased a book on the history of Monte Cristo and the face in the window resembles the original owner Mr Crawley! I have uploaded a photo of him, have a look then go back to this pic see what you think. 160084076 Image of Mr Crawley He built the mansion on top of a hill in rural NSW. The mansion is well known and has had ghost hunters through it. there was a murder there in the 70's and prior to that there were some very misfortunate deaths and unexplained occurences dating back to the late 1800's let me know what you think!! 160084077 Boy's bedroom Aparently some young boys and girls feel very tight in the chest upon entering this room. They do warn you, if suffer from Asthma this room is best avoided. I did not have any shortness of breath or notice anything when I was touring through here but again when i was looking over the photos there is a faint darkish shadow on the bed.. shadow of someone perhaps?? what do you think?? 160084075