Brads orb pics Brads orb pics Orbs This pic was taken out the front of my house. 89090248 this is one of our bedrooms 89093416 this pic is once again at my house but this time it's taken out the back. 89094132 This is another pic that was taken out the front of my house. 89093808 this time the orb is kinda small and it's a green one. 89094742 This was taken outside an abandoned hospital in Mount Gambier South Australia. 89095066 This was taken in melbourne, about a month before he passed away. It was cloudy day and about to rain, so there was no reflection from the sun. If you look hard enough, you will see he isn't lookin at camera he looking at the vortex. 127962817 I don't know if anyone can see the face in this pic, but it is just above my cats left ear. 139434753 i have circled the face incase no one can pick it out. 139497355 Orb haven. This pic was taken out in the backyard, if im not mistaken, i think i counted like 7-8 orbs. 173953244 Shiner. This was a pic taken just outside our back door, this is the best orb i have seen. 173953245 This is the biggest orb i have seen in ages. 173953246