Troy Williams - Lead Researcher/ Investigator & Founder

Troy has studied the Paranormal for well over fifteen years, due to a personal experience early on in Life.
In 2005 Troy Started his own Paranormal research team called Victorian Phantom Hunters to conduct investigations and research in all aspects of the paranormal field as there were so many different opinions and fake photos and so called "evidence" out there he wanted to get the truth scientifically.

Troy selected his own members individually based on different skills and beliefs, however investigating in a scientific manner. In 2011 Troy teamed up with Andrew Jones to create an experienced research and investigation team called Ghost Tech Australia, although returning to Victorian Phantom Hunters due to goals and research he wanted to fulfill in helping people with paranormal troubles. 

Troy has studied Poltergeist phenomena, Psychical research, Cryptozoology and has interests in Ufology, residual hauntings and technological aspects of paranormal research.

Writing about his research, Troy has written a series of fictional books with the first being released in September 2020 called SHRILL

Troy has also worked alongside Lantern Ghost Tours